Posted by: naetaeg20 | November 7, 2009

Nae Tae G20 march to Fairmont Hotel, St Andrews

07 November 2009

Over 150 people converged today for a rally and march in St Andrews to say ‘Nae Tae G20.’  People from St Andrews, Edinburgh, London, and beyond gathered in Church Square to listen to an anti-war protester whose grandson was killed fighting in Afghanistan.  The protesters then marched through St Andrews to the East Sands Beach, where three others also spoke about the economic problems of today.

Upon reaching West Sands, the police called an end to the march, as the permit with Nae Tae G20 ordered.  After a lengthy negotiation with Nae Tae G20 representatives, the police allowed the march to continue to the Fairmont Hotel, the luxury hotel where the actual G20 is taking place

Over 80 protesters decided to then take the long march to the Fairmont Hotel.  Accompanied by 31 police officers, the march held up the road to the Fairmont, with a line of 25 cars tracing the way back to St Andrews.  The march passed over ten delegate cars and several other police vans.

Upon arriving at the Fairmont Hotel, the protestors were blocked by lines of police officers and held near the hotel’s gate.  Protesters waved banners and yelled at passing cars filled with G20 officials.


Video from the march


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