Posted by: naetaeg20 | November 4, 2009

Nae Tae G20 in the news!

[updated 7 November, 01:48]

The Courier: “St Andrews readies for world attention

The Courier: “Students say Nae Tae G20

The Courier: “Campaigners plan on having their say”

The BBC: “G20 ministers gather in Scotland”

Edinburgh Napier News: “‘Say Nae to the G20’ protest in St. Andrews”

AP: “G20 officials to wrestle over economic imbalances”

AFP: “G20 ministers mull global recovery, climate funding”

Teletext: “Protest at start of G20 meet”

STV: “‘Return to prosperity’ a key part of G20 talks”

BBC: “G20 ministers meet in St Andrews”

CBC News: “G20 debates how to let big banks fail”

AP: “G20 officials seek support for future growth”

The Times Online: “Mist and Rain Conspire to Cloak G20 Meeting in Mystery.”

The Saint [VIDEO]: “G20 6 November Rally in St Andrews”

Metro News Canada: “G20 finance officials face task of fulfilling pledge to lessen global trade, budget imbalances”

Tiscali [VIDEO]: “Nae Tae G20”

…more to come




    • Thanks!

      – Nae Tae G20

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