Posted by: naetaeg20 | October 29, 2009

Directions to St Andrews

Below are directions (by bus) from some of the cities to St Andrews. You may also take a train into Leuchars station from most places, and bus directions from Leuchars to St Andrews are listed, as well. Hope to see you all soon!!


Directions from Glasgow, by bus: Take the X26/X27 or X24/24 from Buchanan Bus Station to St Andrews.


Directions from Edinburgh, by bus: Take the X58/X60 or the X59 from Edinburgh Bus Station to St Andrews.

Timetables: or

Directions from Dundee and Leuchars, by bus: Take the 99, 96, or 91 from either Dundee or Leuchars to reach St Andrews. The 94 runs only from Leuchars (not Dundee) and the 39, 41, and 73 will only take you from Dundee (not Leuchars) to St Andrews.


Walking directions from the bus station:

From the St Andrews Bus Station, turn right toward the traffic light and cross to the otherside of the road at the crosswalk. Walk to the corner (the one with the roundabout) and turn left onto Market Street. As you are walking, you should see the Student Union, the Raisin, the Grill House, etc. Continue down Market Street until you reach a roundabout that goes around a large stone fountain ( This is where we will be meeting on both Friday and Saturday.


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